Sunday, 9 October 2016

Anti-frack demo in York

Frack Free York campaigners showing solidarity for campaigners in Lancashire. Picture David Harris
ANTI-FRACKING campaigners have gathered near York Minster to protest against the Government’s decision to allow the controversial practice in Lancashire.

A spokeswoman for campaign group Frack Free York criticised Communities and Local Government Secretary Sajid Javid’s move to allow fracking at Preston New Road, following an appeal by Cuadrilla against Lancashire County Council’s decision to refuse permission. 

“We reproach this groundless decision in which the government has ridden roughshod over local democracy,” she said.

“We stand today in support of the people in Lancashire who have worked so hard to fight this decision, a community who care passionately about the health of future generations and their environment.

“This industry threatens to pollute our water, air and land, and will speed us towards catastrophic climate change.”

Meanwhile, she said the group was waiting for a legal challenge to the approval of fracking at Kirby Misperton site near Pickering to be considered next month at the High Court in London.

"We the people of York and North Yorkshire stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and allies across the Pennines - we are united in outrage against this decision, in love for all that we defend, and in determination to fight fracking together. Whilst our traitorous government and evil corporations seek only to further their own power and profits, we understand that the health of our children, the purity of our water and air, and the integrity of un-fractured communities is not something which can be bought and sold. The process and product of fracking is fundamentally destructive and alien to the principles we strive to protect, and the two cannot be reconciled. We will stop at nothing short of a complete ban on fracking throughout our country. To date we have fought this battle at every corner and explored every avenue; now legal processes have been exhausted and Conservative "democracy" has been exposed for the sham that it is. We will no longer allow our "leaders" to call the shots. We will not recognise the "authority" of those who would seek to sell the ground from beneath our feet and leave destruction in it's place. We will not allow you to Frack. Not in Lancashire. Not in Yorkshire. Not Anywhere."

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